Friday, September 30, 2011

Riddle 16

The light of the shining sun was streaming through the open window, and, as if designed to, hit the side of my face perfectly. I stirred, before opening my eyes to see a sleeping angel. Except that this angel had no wings... and short black hair instead of long flowing blonde hair... So I guess she wasn't an angel, but I liked my hyperbole, so no complaints from the peanut gallery. I looked down and was surprised, relieved, and disappointed, all in that order; surprised that we were both still clothed, relieved that I wasn't naked, and disappointed that she wasn't. Nonetheless I decided to enjoy the feeling of us being incredibly snug together, and closed my eyes in order to feign sleep. Moments later I felt her move, and with a yawn escaping her lips I made the miraculous conclusion that she was leaving her sleep-like state to a rather more alert existence. Or she was just waking up. Potato, tomato, they're both still food. In order to awake me from my false state of rest, I received a sharp poke to the cheek.

"I know you're awake moron."
She said as she arose from her position of laying on top of me. Now my Watson was in a rather awkward position, and oblivious to said awkwardness. A sock that had presumably come from one of us was tossed over to hit Nazo square in the face. Said boy groaned and slowly stood up to see the rather misleading sight of Cheri straddling me. A moan escaped her lips as he grabbed his forehead and mumbled.
"Please guys not so early in the damn morning."
I looked over at the alarm clock that we had apparently neglected to set, and was rewarded with a flashing 10:17.
"10 o clock is not early in the slightest."
"You guys are going to stop that or laps shall be run, and trust me I'm not going to do anything like that this morning."
That shut us up rather expediently. Cheri then got up from her rather sexy position and walked over to power up her laptop. As she did so she snapped her fingers in my direction, which I assumed to be akin to a summoning ceremony. I obediently walked over to where she was booting her laptop up. When I arrived she looked at her finger, at me, again at her fingers, and finally back at me.
"I didn't think that you would respond to that... wow."
Dark chuckling came from the Probi.
"She's got you whipped you whipped already? Hilarious."
Two glares that seemed to come from Medusa herself silenced the deadpan boy instantaneously. Without breaking her gaze Cheri said to me.
"Noah, you go down to prepare breakfast."
"And what will we be having?"
"Well... since the fridge is lacking any sort of meat, I guess we will just have to eat Nazo."
"Excellent choice ma'am."
Nazo's face paled at our predatory grins. He slowly began to inch towards the door. He also apparently took the raising of my eyebrow as the starter signal because he instantly bolted, with me being right behind me. He stayed ahead of me for a bit, but as we reached the stairs Lady Luck got bored with him and instead turned her good grace to a certain incredibly handsome chess genius with multicolored hair. An almost tackle down the stairs was proof of this statement. Thankfully bruises and a captured Nazo were the only consequences of that insanely dangerous maneuver. In unison, moans echoed throughout the hallway. I got off him and offered a hand of help to the fallen Probi. He unquestioningly took my hand, and was, almost comically, lifted off the ground. He hung there for a bit, an amused visage upon him. Until I let him down with trademark grace. He stumbled a bit, but most fortunately he didn't fall, thus starting the vicious cycle all over again. We dusted ourselves off, trying to play it cool for the invisible audience, and made an unspoken agreement to never speak of this again. Then we found ourselves in the kitchen. I began to boil some water while Nazo was getting the cup ramen out. At the time I didn't really notice or understand the feelings of comradeship that were between us of the lower members of the agency. Our feelings were interrupted by a rather pointed question from the shorter of the two of us.
"How do you feel about... you know?"
Thoughts and memories began to intrusively surface throughout my mind. I tried to shut down those betraying emotions the best I could. My tenth birthday party. I nearly collapsed onto the chair next to me, gripping my hands with my head. Of all people why him. My efforts weren't successful until I begun to take deep breaths. When I finished I looked up at the boy who had inadvertently caused my mind to relapse. On Nazo's face were a plethora of emotions, the most prevalent being confusion and concern. Though the troubling thing was that there were no traces of understanding or sympathy on his visage, as if he didn't know what losing someone was like. At least he had the curtsey to ask.
"You alright?"
Even with my heavy panting, I was able to answer him.
"Now I am... do you know what just happened?"
All I got was the shake of a young boys head, not really anything of value.
"It was similar to when I first saw his corpse... but a hell of a lot worse."
"What do you mean?"
Loud stomping alerted me to the rapidly approaching Watson. I ended the conversation the second said girl arrived.
"Never mind."
While she didn't ask any questions about what we were just previously talking about, she did angrily take the water and ramen from our hands and begun to prepare breakfast. I decided to do the sensitive thing and ask what the problem was.
"What's the problem."
"Suicide. Suicide is the problem."
"What do you mean?"
"The police have determined that Robin's death was an accident."
"T-that's impossible!"
"I know..."
Cheri finished the preparations of the breakfast, and set the wondrous steaming cups of ramen in front of each of us, but no one felt like eating. Oddly enough, it was Nazo that broke the silence.
"So we just have to go prove that the police are idiots right."
"Hear hear."
Then we begun to force the ramen down our throats, we needed our energy to solve this case. We continued that until we realized that we didn't have dinner last night, then we started to force the food our throats because it tasted good instead. Less than a minute later, we had our coats and were out the door. We looked at the road, then at the bike. The horrible memories of crossing the city during rush hour began to flash in our minds, similar to a recent incident of note. We silently began to tell each other how, without the rush hour factor, the walk would be fine. After all we had done it before, so it shouldn't be that hard. Moments later, if a random passerby were to perhaps look down the street, they would see the rather peculiar sight of three people riding a single bike, laughter being emitted from the trio.

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