Saturday, October 1, 2011

Riddle 17

Screams and shrieks were exclaimed at a rapid velocity throughout the street. The only thing more common was dives for personal safety. We swerved left and right, lacking the balance required for the basic act of riding a bicycle. Nazo was practically hanging off me, all for the naive possibility that his own life might be spared. A bump on the sidewalk drove said boy's knee sharply into the small of my back, and I regretted, not for the first time that day, that Cheri was not the one hanging off my back. The thought of that gave me a lecherous smile, though it was soon erased by my shouts.

"Get out of the way!"
The only one who; A) wasn't in tears by now, or B) wasn't being covered in tears by a certain Probi, was my master. She was apparently also the only one not fearing for her life in the slightest, despite her being in the most dangerous position, sitting on the handle bars. I could infer this due to her shouts not being of fear or alarm, but instead of joy.
"Why haven't we been arrested yet"? That was the question that kept popping into my mind. I already knew for a fact that we were breaking various laws this very second.
Another close call occurred as we turned the bike on a literal dime in order to avoid a man in a very fancy suit, who seemed to be in a hurry as he didn't notice us. Alas, it all turned out to be for naught as one of Nazo's flailing limbs, which I assumed to be his leg, hit the man right in the solar plexus. I then had to double my pace in order to avoid the inevitable verbal lashing that otherwise would be soon to come. I returned my attention to the area in front of me, and was rewarded with a very quickly approaching Robin's Bakery. I attempted to use the brakes, but my Watson was unintentionally sitting in such a way that they wouldn't close correctly, which left me only one option.
"We jump on three!" A chorus of 'Whats!' echoed from in front and behind me at once. I dutifully ignored them and began my countdown.
"One... Two... Three!"
We all jumped off the runaway bike. Well, it was more like Cheri sort of hopped off, I was more thrown off more than me intentionally getting off, with Nazo being dragged behind me. The bike crashed harmlessly into the side of the store, while we rolled we got quite a few cuts and bruise, but nothing to serious.
Though that was mainly because, as the oldest male, I was designated the cushion of the team. Our Watson got up as if nothing happened, and begun to lock the bike to a recently pole. Us lower members of the detective agency were tasked with making sure we had all our digits and limbs. When we had finished our respective tasks, our mini group formed a appropriately sized mini meeting.
"All in favor of absolutely never doing that ever again say aye."
"Motion is passed, the court shall temporally adjourn ."
Since a consensus had been reached, an incredibly handsome young man, flanked on each sides by his apparent sidekicks, entered the bakery with an aura that would scare away a white tiger.
"Oh, Noah, Cheri, what are you all doing here?" The deputy greeted us in a less than enthusiastic manner. Cheri spoke up, intent on not getting us kicked out.
"We were curious about the outcome of the case, have you reached a conclusion?"
The deputy gained an uncomfortable look on his face, before hiding it behind a mask of professionalism.
"We have determined that the victim killed himself."
Dave jumped what seemed like 1.426 feet in the air due to surprise.
"Who said that?"
I acted like I didn't hear Nazo, while at the same time wondering when the hell Probi put the sock on. I made a hand motion to signal for Cheri to feign ignorance. I suppose the more accurate description is that I made some really odd one handed gestures and hoped that she understood. Apparently she was literate in frantic hand language because my Watson stayed quiet. I disguised these hand motions by, rather non subtly, looked to my left and right confusingly.
"Said what?
Sweat was palpable on his face, though he did turn his head in order to conceal it, the message was sent. Something was up. Cheri stepped forward, intent on making him believe that only he actually heard that strange, strange sound.
"Anyway. If the police have already figured out the case was a suicide, why are they still here?"
"Ah, we're just trying to thorough, never hurts to double check."
I leaned to the right in order to see past him and into the kitchen.
"Is that the same reason that you are all in the kitchen?"
"Yes yes..."
"I see..."
An awkward silence descended upon us. Dave clapped his hands together and said.
"Well, now that you guys know what we have decided of the case, you guys can go now. Don't worry, if the verdict changes I'll have your father tell you all about it."
"You know, I really think we should stay, we could only help." this time it was Cheri who had spoken out.
"No no we really shouldn't."
I grabbed my forehead in exasperation and braced myself for the upcoming verbal storm.
"They can stay." A booming voice echoed throughout the room. We all looked back and saw a man who was of average height. He had combed over black hair with the beginnings of gray forming on the sides. An angular face that even I couldn't deny was handsome, upon a rather well kept body that was adorned with a three piece suit. He appeared that he had arrived from a detective movie that was filmed in the twenties. Two gasps of surprise were emitted from around me, curtsey of Cheri and our favorite deputy. Both adopted nervous looks, as Dave muttered to himself and those around him.
"Speak of the devil..."
I looked up to said devil and said.
"Police chief Mr. McHale, Cheri's father..."

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