Friday, September 16, 2011

Riddle 02

I looked at the room I was in, but at the same time I didn't real look. I was trying to wrap my head around what had happened. My first loss. The contract. Her presenting the contract. That stupid contract. Me signing the contract. Her underwear. THAT GOD DAMN CONTRACT. I hung my head in shame for a moment. I need to get my emotions under control. I actually started doing deep breathing exercises.

After a couple of seconds I looked around again, this time actually observing my surroundings. I was in a black room. And by black I mean all black, walls, dresser, even the bed I was sitting on was black. I was in her room, and she wasn't, she said something about going to change and getting some stuff. What was going to happen? My eyes widened. By slave she didn't mean that kind of slave did she? I started panicking. She was cute and all but who knows what kind of stuff she was into, look at her room, that can't be a good sign. I stopped for a moment and smacked my forehead in exasperation.

"What has she done to me...?"
I asked no one in particular, mostly because no one was here. If there was someone here I would definitely be asking them what the hell was going on. A few seconds later the door burst open revealing Cheri, carrying a bag containing God knows what. My eyes bugged out at the sight of her. She was wearing tight black short-shorts and what appeared to be a black sports bra. With my predictions appearing true I had immediately started freaking out. She looked at me questioningly.

"What are you doing?"

My state of insanity still invoked, I responded in a rather crazy tone.

"What the hell are you going to use me for?"

"If you would sit down and stop freaking out I will tell you."

I sat back down on the bed, still wary of her.

She then took a poster from her bag and unrolled it on the floor. The poster had a picture of a cherry on it and underneath the cherry it said 'Detective Agency'. It only took me a few moments to process what was going on.

"You want to be a detective?" She smiled broadly

"I want to start the world's greatest detective agency, so I guess you're right." I shook my head in disbelief.

"And you want me to help I assume?"

She nodded her head, that damn smile still on her face.

"Do you accept?"

I snorted loudly, a rather uncharacteristic act.

"I don't have a choice in the matter so don't pretend I do."

Then she surprised me by jumping in joy. But unlike the time she stood up on the table she wasn't wearing a
skirt, so I was sorely disappointed.

"Yay, you're catching on!"

I rolled my eyes.

"Alright alright I'll be your damn Watson."

She then looked at me oddly.

"You're Holmes, not Watson."

"But you said that-"

"I wanted to start the worlds greatest detective agency, not that I wanted to be the worlds greatest detective."

She sat back down with a 'thump' sound effect.

"Then how do you fit into this?" I asked reasonably.

"Since I'm not cut out to be Holmes-"

"and I am?" She nodded with vigor.

"yes you are, and anyway I want to be Watson, so you're Holmes."

"... alright, it's not like I can refuse."

She then tackle hugged me, accompanied with a sound of what I assumed to be happiness. I looked over my situation. I was stuck obeying the orders of a crazy girl, solving mysteries for her, and forced to be with her for an undisclosed amount of time. On the other hand her chest felt quite nice at the time. I then came to a conclusion.

I was so incredibly screwed.

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