Thursday, September 15, 2011

Riddle 01

A drop of sweat ran down my neck. It wasn't a tired sweat, nor the sweat that you get when its hot outside. It was a cold sweat, a sweat of nervousness. I had a good reason for this sweat on my neck, a very damn good reason. The game of chess laid out in front of me was that reason. To the normal observer, there was a decently tall man with black/silver/white/blonde/with even a few strands of pink hair, me, and a black haired girl with glasses sitting on the other side of the board. Even a beginner at chess could tell that the girl, Cheri, was absolutely dominating the game. I could only watch in horror as she moved her queen. The single word she said rang in my ears. It made me flashback to the events that played out earlier, in a way that I can only assume is similar to when a persons life flashes before their eyes right before they die.


I was eating lunch, blissfully unaware of the future. A girl I hadn't seen before and asked me if I was smart. I told her that people have told me that I am. She then challenged me to a chess match. I play chess a lot, and I had never lost. I agreed to play her after school in the cafeteria. She then ran off. I plucked a random passerby and started barraging him with questions about the girl. I learned that her name was Cheri McHale, and that she was a transfer student. Other than that not much was known to her.

After school that day I walked into the cafeteria. I raised an eyebrow when I saw a fancy store bought chess set, making the travel set I keep with me rather pointless. I sat down sat down across from her.

She politely asked for a practice match, as it had apparently been awhile since she played. Me being a gentleman, I acquiesced to her request. The practice game started, and while it was clear that she wasn't new to the game, I utterly eviscerated her. She looked at me with a calculating star.

"You were holding back weren't you?"

I gave a small smirk.


She narrowed her eyes.

"Then how about a little bet?"

She explained to me the terms of her 'little bet'. It was a basic 'the loser has to do one thing the winner tells them to' bets, pretty standard. I happily agreed to her terms, after all, I've never lost a game of chess.

A flick on the forehead woke me up from my flashback to a more innocent time. There sat the girl who had finished my winning streak, an ear to ear grin on her face. I hung my head in defeat and sighed.

"Alright... you win... what is your demand...?"

If possible her smile seemed to grow. She then jumped onto the table with energy I didn't believe possible. She didn't seem to notice that she was wearing a skirt, and that she was giving me quite an eyeful.

"My demand is that you sign this contract!"

She loudly slammed a piece of paper onto the desk. picked up the 'contract' and gave it a read through.
I the undersign do hear by proclaim myself as Cheri McHale's slave and I will follow her orders to the word...

Under the one sentence of insanity there was a place for me to sign. I looked up at her with eyes that asked ' really?...' she nodded her head in a empathetically fashion. I could only sigh.

Signed Noah Michael

At the same time as the chess game of servitude was going on, a click was heard. The click of a door opening, not really something that most people would care about. However, because of that click, 23 people died. The screams were not heard by any outsiders, as the walls of the building were designed to keep those screams silent. As for how they died, no one could tell you as the moment, there were no witnesses. For in that building, no heart still beats,but wait, there was one witness, and he was still there.

The murderer.

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