Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Riddle 07

We burst into the room in an intentionally over dramatic fashion. Cheri immediately went over to her laptop and booted it up. I stood behind her, observing. She began to search the word Nazo on the internet. Various results came up, but nothing that would be of use. There were some Japanese translation sites, in which I could see that Nazo translated to riddle. There was also appeared to be a... questionable type of site. Cheri cocked her head at the screen.
", a place for all your desires to be fulfilled..."
She turned to look at me
"Should we click on it?"
"Sure, whats the worst that could happen?"

Apparently she didn't seem to comprehend my sarcastic tone, so she actually clicked on it. Between the two of us I believe that we invented five new shades of red. Cheri quickly went back to the search page, though now the link was purple instead of blue. Cheri looked away from the screen.
"That never happened." she said, looking violated.
"What never happened?" I replied while trying to hide my smile
"I see that you're learning."
Cheri regained her composure and continued to search for the term Nazo and I sat down on her , and I grabbed a nearby stripped sock that was on the bed and began playing with it. An hour passed. Nothing had turned up. After awhile Nazo decided to bring his two deadpan cents into light.
"Guys, I'm bored, entertain me."
I looked over at him, got up and walked across the room. I took the striped sock I was playing with and put it on his hand cuffed hand, providing him with a rather lame sock puppet. He looked up at me with a look of pure disbelief.
"You can't be serious..."
"Of course I'm serious, when I was younger I played with sock puppets all the time."
We both looked at the sock disbelievingly. The sock had spoken! Not only did Nazo's lips not move, but he looked as surprised as I did. Even Cheri turned around to look at the strange boy. Nazo looked away from the mysterious sock and back to me.
"Okay, I swear I didn't do that."
"Then who did?"
Cheri got up out of her seat and walked over, a piece of duct tape in her hand. We immediately figured out what going on and moved to react. Nazo attempted to do a jump/dive hybrid to safety, conveniently forgetting that he was hand cuffed to the dresser. When he crashed back down to the floor, I grabbed him and put him in a submission hold. Cheri then slapped the piece of duct tape to Nazo's mouth. She looked at me oddly and said.
"Should I ask?"
"May I ask something else then?"
"By all means."
"Do you find me incredibly attractive?"
I didn't know whether or not she was serious. It sounded rather spontaneous, and it sounded like a joke or something. I just decided to go with the safest answer I could think of.
"Nope, not in the slightest."
The sock had spoke again, proving that it wasn't Nazo speaking. Cheri turned to look at me, a coy smile on her face.
"That is quite interesting to know what you think of me, young Holmes."
I could only grunt in response. Her smile grew at that while she turned around to face Nazo. She tore the duct tape off his mouth with a force more akin to a death blow to the side.
Cheri then turned on her heel and strutted back towards the computer.
"Now that we know that we have a living lie detector on our hands there is only one thing that we can do..."
I nodded and put my hand on Nazo's shoulders and spoke four words into his ear.
"Welcome to the team."

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