Monday, September 26, 2011

Riddle 12

I could hear someone calling the police, probably Cheri if the sound of the voice was any consideration. There was a pair of arms around me trying to comfort me. Sara. I could feel tears falling onto my neck, and while I also felt tears on my face, I knew the weren't hers. But none of that mattered. All that matter was the man lying down on ground dead. Memories of him flashed before my eyes; my first day coming here, my first heavenly roll, meeting Sara, working the register, the celebration of my first day of work, my first tip, every one of my birthday parties since I was seven. And it was all gone, never going to happen again, never another bearlike hug or huge smile. Gone. I felt a tug on my sleeve that snapped me out of my memories. I jerked my head up savagely to meet my challenger. It was Cheri. I glared into her eyes, and was surprised by what I saw. Sympathy, understanding, sorrow, and most importantly I saw reason in her eyes. I looked around at what I saw. Somehow the police had arrived without me noticing, and then there was a certain girl with a parasitic attachment to me. I stood up with conviction, while my parasite fell off surprised.

"What's going on Noah?"

"My tears won't help him now Sara, nothing will."

Sara started to look angry at me, when she noticed my staring at Cheri. Her anger switched targets
faster than a indecisive shopper caught between two wonderful shirts. Cheri actually looked away from
me to raise an eyebrow at Sara.

While Sara did look away blushing, mutters of discontent arose from her not moments after. Cheri
stared at her for a bit, before turning back to me. She put her hand comfortingly on my shoulder. When
I made no move to shake her off the discontent behind me grew exponentially. I went back to Sara and
picked her up bridal style in order to stop any complaints. She gave a squeak and buried her head into
my chest, but made no discouraging actions, so I didn't put her down. Now Cheri looked pissed, so I
quickly carried Sara out of the bathroom and out into the main eating area. The police were there as
well, making sure that no one was trying to leave obviously. I set Sara down at a nearby seat while
simultaneously motioning for a spare police officer to come over. I gave her a reassuring smile and told
her that I will be back as soon as I could. When the policeman arrived I whispered in his ear.

" The victim was very dear to this girl, so please don't be to hard on her alright?"

The policeman looked confused, but he nodded nonetheless. I walked back into the bathroom. The
instant I did that I received a swift kick in the shin courtesy of my Watson. I heard snickering behind me
and I spun on my heel to see that Nazo had crept up behind me unnoticed. While I was recovering from
my mini heart attack, Cheri gave Nazo a quiet fist bump. Our antics froze in place when we heard the distinct sound of a throat clearing. Our heads all turned in unison to see a rather bemused police officer.
He had brown hair with a matching civil war style mustache.

"Sorry to disturb your rather... amusing antics, but we would like to question you, any objections?"

"No sir..."

"Good then. Names?"

"Noah Michael."

"Nazo... Okagi."

"Cheri McHale."

"Chief's daughter?"

"That's me."

His face broke into a smile.
"I heard that your trying to upstage your father and become a detective , any truth in that?"

"Something like that."

"In that case I'll allow to observe the rest of the case if you want to, least I can do."

"Are my partners allowed to observe with me?"

"Of course."

"Then my thanks go out to your kindness sir."

The police officer chuckled and put his hand on her shoulder. I could tell that she was trying to restrain
her discomfort, and I discreetly got ready so that if she gave the order, he would have a fist where his
nose used to be.

"Please please, call me Dave."

"Very well Dave."

Dave took his hand off her shoulder, to the great relief to the members of the detective agency. He then
walked over to a chair that had been conveniently placed in the bathroom. Dave sat down with his legs crossed.

"So lets hear what you know please."

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