Thursday, September 29, 2011

Riddle 15

The bedroom door was flung open as if it had been kicked down by federal agents. Milliseconds after three vaguely humanoid bodies collapsed on the bed, clearly exhausted. Hyperventilating was the only sound heard throughout the room for a while. Eventually I decided to voice my opinion. "That wasn't a very pleasant walk." A kick to the leg from our resident Probi gave me a clear view of his opinion on the matter. Another kick from Cheri reinforced this, though from the sound of it she also kicked Nazo, so all was good.
This time it was Cheri who decided to restart the conversation. "So, what do you guys think of the investigation so far?" "That banker guy is quite suspicious.." "All liars are suspicious Noah." "Yes of course Mr. Okagi, people who lie are the most suspicious in the world." "... I take it you didn't like my quick thinking. It did save us quite a lot of trouble." "Not that. I loved your quick thinking, I do however happen to hate hypocrites." "Both of you shut up!" Silence was once again the theme on the room as we beginning to regain whatever stamina we once had. I rolled over onto my stomach, and was greeted with a squeal of either pain of pleasure, I couldn't tell which, as I was currently focused on the girl who was now underneath me. Two mounds of remarkable softness were compressed against my body, and I braced myself for the inevitable impact. To my surprise all I felt was a light poke to the shoulder and an amusing comment. "You're sweaty." "So are you Ms. Watson." Besides that she made no move to get me off her, but rather she kicked Nazo in the leg again. Probi moaned and rolled off the bad. A loud 'thunk' was heard, followed by more moaning and what can only be described was a one armed attempt to drag himself to his sleeping bag. When he finally made it he collapsed, asleep before he hit the bag. Cheri and I stayed like that for an unknown time. The awkward silence was very troublesome to my ears, and I hastened to make small talk. "You never told us on how you feel about this case." "Because I don't know what to feel about this case yet..." "I see..." We both became quiet for a bit, when it was her who ended the silence for a change. "About Robin... Are you alright?" "I'm fine. Really I'm fine." Her arms snaked around my back in an attempt to comfort me. I did what I thought was the natural emo/depressed response, I rolled off of her and onto my back. A rather loud gasp for air was shoot into the room by my partner, and I let out a chuckle at her antics. That was, until she rolled over on top of me, leaving me now where to run. "It's alright, I know that you're suffering, but everything will be alright in the end." My eyes began to water before they developed into full blown tears. I felt her smooth hand stroking my face. As I began to drift off to sleep, I closed my eyes, burning the last image I saw into my mind forever. The image was of Cheri, smiling, with a single tear down her cheek.

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