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Finite Life Chapter Three: First Day Part 1

I was in some girl's room, wearing her clothes and worst of all, inhabiting her body. Not that she seemed to mind, for if she existed at all anymore I doubt she was in a place that would interfere with me. I don't know how I got into this world, but I would leave it any way I can, even if it permanently destroyed the sentience of one girl. But that was the wrong way to think about things. I didn't know that I had stolen this bod from anyone! It could have merely been vacated when the owner moved to a different body.

Alright, what the hell I am thinking? This is not a time to think about the exact particulars of how I came to this, and I should instead focus my energy on something that mattered i.e. sneaking past the woman who calls herself my mother. After all, if she caught her without a bra on I honestly have no idea how she would react, and a wild card is usually a bad card. I thought about my strategy on getting around her as I walked out of this body's bedroom. It would certainly be difficult for me if decided to camp out downstairs in the hallway. I could only hope that she would not be there. I walked down the stairs and-

“Musume, I'll be going to work now! Make sure you get to school on time!” the woman's voice rang out before the thud sound of a door closing interrupted it.

Well that was easier than my hyperbolic mind thought it would be. Then came the sudden realization, I did not know where my school was- strike that- I didn't even know what school I was going to! It could take hours depending where I was. If it was a city I was unfamiliar with then it could literally take forever! How far was I from the school building? What did the blasted thing even look like? There were too many variables in equation for my Slept-Through-Algebra-mind to handle. I did know one thing, and it was the fact that I would never find the school if stayed inside angsting about how impossible it would be to find the school in the first place! The first step is always the hardest. With that thought filling my mind, I walked out of the house. My jaw dropped.

Directly outside my school was a road. Follow the road, and you found a hill. Up the hill, standing gloriously high and mighty, was a clean, very expensive looking school, and I was willing to bet my years salary that was the school I needed to go to. Thankfully it was not too far away, I didn't want to test this bodies endurance.

Thus, my trek up the hill began. And it continued, and continued, and continued... I was halfway up the hill before I felt the desirable urge to take a break. It was inexcusable for me to feel this way! There was no way I had walked over a few miles, something well within my normal range.

But not in the range of this body. I was sweaty, and the way the sweat clung to my currently female body, sticking to the very feminine clothes... I did not want to think about that! I noticed another girl in a similar uniform walking up the hill a few yard behind me. She was pretty, beautiful even. She had black hair in a short bob hairstyle, and it framed her feminine face perfectly. I waited until the girl caught up to me before saying anything.

Now is a good a time as any to mention something. I have never, in all my sixteen years of living, had anything resembling a girlfriend. I could attribute it to my lack of free time, but that would be lying to myself. Though I wouldn't be self-deprecating enough to call myself ugly, I was no oil painting. Or a painting in general actually. I was a rough pencil sketch, not beautiful, but still technically art.

But that didn't matter in this body. I was not a barely acceptably attractive boy, but in this girl's eyes, I was just another girl, a friend to be made. Ideas swam through my head on how to approach her, and I had a thousand different ways by the time she was next to me. I could have recited a sonnet or a poem, anything that would make a decent impression. What came out was,

“Heck of a long hill isn't it?!” I blurted out loudly. Every plan I had was ruined! I just hoped that she would just ignore my insanity and go off on her own. Instead, she looked to be in thought for a few moments before responding.

“I suppose it could be a bit less steep.” She nodded in agreement. I let out a breath that I didn't know I was holding.

“Is there any other way to get up here?” I asked in order to keep the conversation going.

“Do you own a car?” She looked at me skeptically.

“um, no?” I asked more than stated, mainly because I didn't know if I did in fact own a car.

“Then I guess we will be stuck in this together.” She replied with a brilliant smile. My heart melted in my chest, and I internally resolved to try my best to be, at the very least, good friends with this girl. “My name is Yakanama Akane, you?”

I was paralyzed. Talking to a girl this pretty was difficult enough, it didn't help that she asked something I did not know. This body could have any name, and I know that the chances of me guessing right are not even virtually zero, there are exactly zero. In that case...

“My name is Fuuji Michio.” I said, but that was not what she heard.

“Oh, Michiko, that is a beautiful name.” Akane still had that dazzling smile on her face. I wanted to correct her, to say that my name was Michio, not Michiko. However, before I could say anything, she cut me off. “May I call you Michiko-chan? If so then you can call me Akane-chan!” I was torn. I never had the privilege to call a girl chan but then again she would constantly be calling me the wrong name. It was half and half, and I didn't know how to decide. A quick flash of Akane's beautiful smile convinced me to choose in her favor.

“That would be great... Akane-chan.” Of all the things I expected her to do, walking up to me and giving me a great big hug was not one of them. My nose was filled with her light perfume, and I felt her body up against mine. She had a flat torso, which for the stomach was good, but for the chest... well, it was not optimum. Despite her lack of a chest, it was still exhilarating being so close to a girl. When she finally let me go I had a little trouble standing. I hoped that she didn't feel how sweaty I was!

“I'm so glad that I made my first friend!” And her smile and words made my knees weak as well, and I knew that whatever happened today, I would have an incredibly cute girl as my friend.

The rest of the walk up the hill was not nearly so difficult. I doubt that is was that the hill got less steep, but rather that all my attention was focused on Akane. She had this... fortunate tendency to bounce around and skip when she got excited. That coupled with the fact she was a bit farther up the hill than I was meant that I got quite a few mental shot of the back of her panties. They were blue and plain in design. Somehow whenever I tried to see the front of them (usually when she was facing me but looking another way) I could not see them! Despite the laws of physics that dictated that the skirt would follow a set movement pattern based of Akane's own movements. But it didn't really matter in the end.

We got up to the school building, and it was exactly as I described it when I first saw in from the house. It was clean and fancy, and in my mind that meant they had money (for maintenance) and money (for fanciness), and money + money + school = private school. Despite what the girl's uniforms would lead you to believe, the school's primary colors were not pink and lavender. Rather they were a pristine gold on pristine white. It was the sort of school that put all outside in a very ratty mood, myself included. However, despite all of it’s luxury, it was definitely not a large school. It probably didn’t have more than two classes per year! Which reinforced the idea that this was an elite private school.

There was someone waiting for us; a guy. He was short. I mean unnatural short for a guy, even shorter than my current body was, which should be unacceptable for a guy. He had short, rather unsettled black hair that barely tickled the back of his neck, indicating that he did not pay much attention to his appearance. I frowned when I saw his uniform, where even though this was the first day of school, it was incredibly clean, well beyond the standards set by my and Akane’s uniforms. His rather smooth face was currently set in a neutral unsurprised look, and I had the feeling it was like that a lot.

“You’re late.” He called out, not to me, but to my companion.

“The bell hasn’t rung yet silly!” Akane called out to him. I felt my heart sink. Was this guy her boyfriend? It was quite possible, as even a guy like me could tell that despite his height and unruly hair, he was quite attractive.

“You know the family motto…” He began. Akane let out a sigh before responding.

“To be early is to be on time, to be on time is to late, to be late is to be running laps. I’ve heard it a million times Aki.” Akane sounded slightly annoyed by this, as if it had happened a million times before.

“Right.” The boy named Aki curtly nodded. “May I inquire as to who this is?”

“Oh!” let out a surprised Akane. “Sorry, it slipped my mind. Michiko-chan, this is Aki, my big brother.”

I was internally celebrating when he walked up to me, so I didn’t notice him until he was directly in front of me. He had to look up a bit to stare into my eyes. He held out his hand. I grabbed it in reflex. Unfortunately I had become used to putting my full strength into handshakes. It helped out when interviewing for jobs to have a strong handshake, though I was unaccustomed to shaking hands with someone who I wasn’t hoping to be employed by. Aki’s eyes widened a fraction of a millimeter before settling back to normality. I relaxed my grip when I had realized what I had done.

“I see that you have a strong grip on you.” Aki spoke in a drawl that, while not sounding bored, indicated neutrality.

“Yeah… sorry about that. Good to meet you though.” I managed to stutter out. A small smile flashed onto his face.

“And the same to you.” He said before turning to his sister. “Did you remember to bring what I asked for?”

After a moment of pause Akane replied. “Oh yeah! Sorry, I had forgotten.” She reached into her bag, brought out a glasses case, and handed over to Aki. He swiftly removed the glasses from their case and put them on. He then looked back at me, and while I am ashamed to admit it, he was… Well he was incredibly cute. F-from a purely objective point of view of course. I could just imagine the swaarms of fangirls he had, and that bit of jealously pulled me from my wonderment. He seemed oblivious to all of the attention I gave him.

“I suggest we head into class, I would hate to be running laps.” Looked over to Akane for help. “If you would please?…”

Akane let out a snicker before replying. “Oh thats right, you haven’t been here before. All right, I’ll lead.”

“Um, excuse me if I am intruding, but why wouldn’t he have attended this school before. After all he is your brother…” The two of them looked shocked.

“You mean… you didn’t know?” Akane said. Aki just shook his head.

“Apparently not.” I got out. I didn’t know about a lot of things, but I was curious to what this specific thing was. Akane continued with little pause.

“Well this school used to be a all-girls school. This is the first year that boys are accepted. That is why only the first and second year classes will have boys in them.”

“Ah, so you must be in your second year?” I guessed, and she nodded in the affirmative.

“And so are you, I can tell by the crest on your left sleeve.” And lo, there was a crest on my sleeve. It was simple, the kanji for two written in a gold-like color. I noticed the exact same crest on both Aki and Akane’s shirts. “And I can also tell that this is your first time at this school.”

“Eh, how can you tell that?” I asked.

“There is one class per year, so everyone knows everyone. I would have remembered someone with hair like yours.” Finally someone commented on my hair. It was weird enough that nobody should be accepting of it, but alas, that was the end of that conversation.

“Whenever you are ready.” Aki said to Akane.

“Alrighty then. Lets Go!” And together, we walked into the school. And while I didn’t know it at that point, I wasn’t the only one lying about who he was.

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