Thursday, November 17, 2011

Finite Life Returns

Due to lack of interest in anything other than Finite Life, I must return to it, much to everyone's pleasure I hope.

Here is a brief teaser on the next chapter.

When I climbed the hill with Akane, I paid more attention to her face, rather than her always pleasing skirt movement. And with her face also came words, something that was very hard to concentrate on when her skirt was always mere millimeters from exposing-

No! I had to pay attention to what she was saying. I missed it last time, so it would be really beneficial to listen this time. Nevertheless, no matter how much I tried, I didn’t really comprehend what she was saying. Yet my mouth responded, holding a steady conversation with her completely on autopilot.
The school was rapidly approaching as we approached it. And soon, history became to repeat itself.

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