Thursday, September 22, 2011

Riddle 08

"You heard me."
Nazo looked at Cheri for a bit before switching back to me. He seemed to be considering his options. While he was doing that Cheri walked up to me and leaned against me. The action made me raise an eyebrow, but other than that I remained motionless. Eventually Nazo came to a decision and sighed.
"I don't suppose there is anything else I can do... Alright, you got yourselves a partner."
Cheri smiled and drew the boy into a hug, burying his face in her... more feminine parts.
"That's great Probi, I know that you'll love it."
Nazo and I both spoke up at the same time.
"Short for Probational Officer. In case you didn't figure it out I'm Watson and this guy over here is Holmes. Any problems?"
"No ma'am."
Again we had spoken in complete harmony. Cheri's grin widened.
"I think that this arrangement is going to be be just dandy."
She turned around and moved to the bed. She sent a signaling look back to us. I took the hint and escorted the young impressionable boy out of the room. For his credit, Nazo got the hint right after we left the room. We sat down on our asses and I just tried to make the best of the awkward silence.
After that we just sort of sat there, waiting for a period longer than normal. Cheri then burst out of the room clad in her sports bra short-shorts set. I smiled at the view, careful not to let her appearance affect... other parts of my anatomy. She motioned for us to come back to into the room. Upon our return to our room of residence, there was an oh-my-gosh-not-black-but-actually-dark-green sleeping bag laid out on the floor, opposite of the bed. Our Watson pointed to that and said.
"Probi sleeps there."
"Wait a minute, if you had a sleeping bag, then why did you have me sleep in your bed?"
She adopted a rather mischievous expression while Nazo gawked at me scandalously.
"Because I need a warm slave at night to make me feel safe. Care to object?"
"Nope, I'm good." I grinned.
"If that's the case then lets get to bed. Nighty night Probi."
Nazo grunted while he moved over to the sleeping bag. He was out like a light the second he hit the bag. Cheri grabbed me by the hand and pulled me into the bed. While we were settling in she pulled herself close to me. I tried to keep calm, and started deep breathing.
"You too huh?"
As we drifted off to sleep, a certain computer finished shutting down. Unbeknownst to the males in the room, there was a police report on the screen earlier.
The Saint Johns Massacre.
36 confirmed deaths.
No witnesses.
Cause of death is unknown, all that is known is that there is not a single wound on any victim's body, nor are there harmful substances present in the bodies.
No evidence was discovered. This level of ingenuity suggests that the murder is a professional.
We may have a mass murderer in our city.

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