Saturday, October 22, 2011

Riddle 24

Dreams can be either incredibly odd, or incredibly telling. For some people, myself included, dreams are a wondrous thing. They allow for the impossible to be possible, the unreal to become tangible. Dreams aren't always amazing, nightmares were the true plague of this spectacular realm. Personally, I almost never had a nightmare, not since I was really young. That might explain my empathetic support of dreams. The dream I had last night was both odd and telling. It went something like this.
Step. Step. Step. I was walking down a hallway. From the looks of it the hallway looked similar to an abandoned hospital. Doors adjourned each side, and, out of curiosity, I opened the first one I saw.
The smell hit my nose before the light hit my eyes, and a smile grew on my face. It was an exact copy of Robin's restaurant. I walked over to the bathroom door and flung it open. There was Robin, dead as a doornail. It wasn't even the bathroom that the door led to, it just led to the stall he was killed in. I could feel tears building up around my eyes, so I closed the door. As I was wiping the salty water in my eyes, I heard bustling from the kitchen. Natural my detective instincts drew me over to investigate. Once my presence was located in the kitchen, I was greeted by a familiar face.

"Hey Noah!" Sara spoke at me with a warm smile. I grinned back, hoping only I could tell that is was disingenuous.
"Hello Sara..." As I returned the greeting I couldn't help noticing something different about her. Upon closer examination I realized the nineteen year old girl that I remembered. Rather a much more buxom and curvy young women stood before me. Her hair was longer, and a bit more curly.
My eyes remained glued to her insanely attractive body, and, as luck would have it, she caught me. However instead of doing the obvious thing any girl would do when a guy was leering at them i.e. slap or otherwise commit acts of violence against the males, her smile grew.
Not only that, she got closer. Much closer. So close that I could have sued for sexual harassment. She put her hands on my chest and begun to kiss me; passionately.
I was overwhelmed with sensation, and somehow in the confusion I put my arms around her and, if it was even possible, pulled her closer. The passion of the kiss increased. For the record, had this happened in the real world, I would at least be blushing.
We stayed that way for a while, and no matter what my mind tried I couldn't stop. Eventually we separated and I looked down at the new pressure on my ring finger. Good to its name, a plain gold ring was around it, glittering in the kitchen light, taunting me.
When I moved to check Sara's hand for a similar ring, I was caught off guard. My friend was no currently in the late stages of pregnancy. Never mind the impossibilities of that, because I determined this by her huge belly and, because my eyes are trained for this, her much firmer breasts. She put one of her hands on her belly and smiled.
"I can feel her kicking." she reached out with her other hand, intent on making me feel the baby's kicks as well.
"I... I..." I stuttered. She reached her hand out more, and I knew if I so much as brushed the appendage, leaving would become impossible. "I got to go!" and with that clever remark I sprinted away, afraid to look back and see what was behind me. I exited the room and slammed the hallway door. I braced myself against it. When it became obvious that my pursuers numbered naught, I fell to the ground, sighing in relief. However, even though I wasn't aware of it, this was still a dream, so my fatigue faded expediently.
Though unwise, my curiosity was piqued, so I opened the next door. Once I saw the hairdresser's salon, I turned on my heel and went back.
'To much temptation there.' I went to the door positioned to the right of the salon, and tried that one. Inside it was a hallway almost exactly same as the one you were currently in. Hoping for a change of pace, I began to wander. This area eventually forked into multiple paths, similar to the layout of an actual hospital.
After a bit, a noise rang out. A scream to be precise. And, despite all theories of rational intelligence, I ran after the noise. I turned a corner, and was aghast at what I saw. Corpses. Nothing but recently deceased human bodies. While there were no wounds, a gut feeling told me everything I needed to know. At the end of the hallway was a dark figure. It reached well over two meters in height. Even though I was looking right at him, no matter how much I concentrated, I could not really see him. A drop of sweat I didn't even know existed fell from my forehead. For some reason that worried me, as time slowed down when the drop hit the floor.
Once the two objects had made a connection, the tall figure rapidly spun around. I gasped. Standing in front the figure was a certain little roommate. Nazo looked at me with eyes that were not his own. Those current instincts that were once being suppressed were now flying full speed. I turned and ran off at a speed that a human shouldn't be capable of. I tried to retrace my steps, but soon I realized that I was lost. Every hallway was the same, with no real landmarks to go by. I kept running and running but I still felt no closer than when I first started. With the feeling of dread chasing me, I couldn't look back.
Then a thought popped into my mind.
'This is a maze!' A simple thought, juxtapose with the most confusing maze in the world. But in the end, a maze is still a maze. While I was no Theseus, I knew one trick that allows one to escape from a labyrinth. I altered my angle of trajectory so that my body was almost touching the right wall. My hand reached out to create contact with said wall. With my setup complete, I turned right. For every form or turn in the road that presented itself to me, I took the rightmost one. By logic I should have meet the dark man/Nazo again, but for some reason the feeling of dread stayed behind me.
Time seemed to speed up, though the effort keeping my legs moving did not increase. The turns became more complex, sometimes having as many as seven splits in the path. Regardless, I never met a single dead end (Which is my case is rightly named), despite the increasing odds surging against me. Then I saw an open door, the one I entered from. I dived through the door, which shut and locked itself behind me with a click. I was on the ground panting for a bit before I discovered the need to leave this weird place.
I stood up and looked down the hallway, surprised at what I saw. The hallway had shrunk, now there was only a twenty or so doors left. Scared at opening a side door again, I walked to the end of the hallway, stopping in front of the door at the end. The door, unlike all previous, was all white and facing me. I held my breath and opening it. As my feet carried me in, I was greeted with nothing but white. I turned around and noticed that the door was gone, replaced with (here is a shocker) empty whiteness. I wiped the sweat off my brow, and inadvertently knocked my glasses off.
As I reached to pick them up, my hand collided with another. I glanced up and saw a very blurry image. Though the prevalent colors were black and white. Warm hands placed glasses on my face, and my eyes blinked to clear my sight. Once I could see again, I saw a strange sight, a very very very familiar girl, with my glasses on her face and visa versa. Cheri giggled, and my jaw became slacked. Giggled! My Watson had never giggled in all the time I knew her. She held her hand out, in the same way Sara did. This time I tenderly grasped her hand, which raised her eyebrow almost to her hairline.
Together we walked throughout the white space, content on just being next to one another

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