Sunday, October 2, 2011

Riddle 18

The air shifted around me, transforming from a state of rising tension to an atmosphere of what seemed to be respectful fear. Cheri and Dave were trying, and failing, to keep up the illusion of being calm. Only Nazo and I could keep that illusion up, except that Nazo was the only one that truly held that emotion tightly. The chief of police walked up to me and held out his hand. I grasped it with as much force as I could muster, not surprised when my hand was met with equal, if not greater, force. His eyebrow raised in a pleased surprise.

"What's your name boy?"
"I thought it was customary for one to give his own name before asking others."
"True true... Scott McHale."
"Noah Michael."
"I assume that my daughter dragged you into this fiasco."
"You could say that..."
"Well you're free to go, I take responsibility for her actions and undo whatever convoluted method that she used to trap you."
"While I appreciate the offer, I will respectfully decline. It would not be fair to her nor myself to back out on the agreement I willingly accepted."
"That is something I can respect."
We both separated and went over to our respected groups. I couldn't believe that I was alive after that, the man just screamed danger. I could hear the chief telling Dave that us miscreants were allowed to stay, as long as we didn't contaminate the crime scene. I spoke up loudly so that Mr. McHale would hear me.
"Sir, is it alright if we check out the kitchen for clues, after all, it doesn't hurt to double check."
Nazo smirked at the deputy's annoyed face, clearly amused at how his own words were thrown back at him. Scott nodded and motioned to a nearby police officer, who I recognized as the medical examiner who was present at yesterday's crime scene. After some whispering to him, the elderly man nodded and made a move to the kitchen and gestured for us to follow.
The four of us walked into the kitchen, and were immediately greeted in a less than friendly manner, by the two police officers. The Medical examiner just pointed outside, and said men left. Not moments later a feminine voice rang out.
"I think it would be best if we only have one person examining the scene at one time, now if you'll excuse us."
Though it was an odd excuse, the examiner took it with stride and a gentle smile. However once the door had closed behind my partners the man frowned.
"Not really, she most likely just doesn't want to mess up and compromise the crime scene. She is quite a nervous girl."
This, or course, was complete bullshit. I already knew her reason for leaving, and the fact that she took Nazo with her only cemented my beliefs. I promptly got to the task of examining everything I could. Except for the tell-tale signs that the police have already looked over the scene, I could tell that everything was the same as it normally was.
After a time resembling lets say five minutes I gave up, as there wasn't anything odd and if there was the police took it. Once I assured the M.E. that I was fine and told him that my partner would be there shortly, I emerged from the kitchen with a look of disappointment, perhaps in a hope to gain sympathy. My earlier remark to the examiner was proven truer than I thought as Cheri rushed past me, not even giving me a chance to consult her. I looked to Nazo for an explanation, and was thwarted by his sigh. He gesticulated with his hands in an odd manner. I stepped forward and asked the obvious question of 'what the hell is going on' with my eyes. Probi looked down and muttered out a phrase.
"You're going to love this..."
And with that, his flashback/retelling began.
The second Cheri and I walked out of the kitchen, we stealthily yet still quickly prowled over to the door to the restrooms. The crazy girl rummaged through her bag and pulled out two plastic glasses. She put her glass to the door and her ear to the glass. Naturally I did the same. ("Monkey see monkey do huh?" "Shut up Noah."). Some how I could hear into the room. The wonders of modern science never cease to constantly astound me.
Thanks to my sock, I could point out all the lies that were uttered in that room. However only two people spoke in that room, the Chief guy and the annoying deputy, and only one of them lied. I don't know how many people were in there. The one who kept lying wasn't the one who all of you are so childishly frightened of... I'm sorry Noah but you know it's true. But anyway the parts of the conversation that I listened to went something like this.
"We have come to the conclusion that the man committed suicide." Liar.
"No signs of murder were found." Liar.
"No reason for anyone to murder him..."
"Case closed."
"Liar." My words broke Nazo out of his pseudo-flashback.
"Yeah I only remembered the end and the parts where people lied."
"I see..."
Information kept speeding by in my head at a pace rivaling mach 3. After a bit of this almost pointless exercise, everything just clicked.
"That man killed him."
"I'll tell you later."
While I didn't believe it was possible, my mind increased it's TPS ( thoughts per second), in order to form an elaborate plan. 'Cheri figured it out, at least partially.' and 'She's stalling for me' were just two of the eventual millions of thoughts
"Probi, go lookout for the police chief or one of his lackeys."
"Yeah whatever."
Then I embarked on my frantic journey of setting up the preparations required to to put Robin's soul to rest once and for all.

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