Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Riddle 21

"It is true that some people in Jones International committed fraud, but that was out of my sector. I work directly under Mr. Killmeyer, as his senior secretary. And while he wasn't one of the ones who were fraudulent, everyone at our branch of Jones international was feeling the pressure released by the media and our CEO, Greg Jones. Even the lower members such as myself were feeling it. But the ones who suffered the most were the group of people who were in between the higher and lower echelons. The heads of departments primarily made up this group. Mr. Jones is one of those people; he is head of the Jones International branch located in the city.

Anyway, for some reason Andrew had been talking to the highest circle a lot more than usual, as we are a bit out of the way, and the CEO is rarely concerned about us. I decided to listen in on another conversation. While I know that is frowned upon, I just wanted to make sure I wasn't going to lose my job. If I was, then I was going to go job hunting. Kind of wished I did that now to be honest. Anyway I only caught the tail end of a conversation, all I remember hearing was "And a nice fat bonus and a possible promotion are coming your way soon." or something to that effect.
(Do you remember when the calls started?)
A little less than two months ago I think? Yeah that sounds about right. Anyway, because of what I heard, I didn't listen in again, as I just figured that the odd feeling I was having was unfounded and silly. Mr. Killmeyer, however, was getting more and more nervous.
I asked him if something was troubling him. He told me that he was nervous about an upcoming report. I put two and two together and wished him good luck. I decided to behave extra nice to him, hopeful for a little extra money once he got that bonus. (When was the report due?) Last night…
She broke from her monologue spewing state. "He was quite happy this morning."
Mr. Killmeyer, about two decibels from the lift off of a rocket ship, shouted "What the hell are you insinuating‽"
A loud noise came from the man who was still holding a banker's arm back. "Nothing, but I on the other hand…"
"I have done nothing!"
"You have the right to remain silent. Anything you say can and will be used against you."
"Umm. Umm."
"You have the right to an attorney."
"I have information!"
I held my hand up to stop the chief. "About what?" The deputy stepped forward, and spoke for the first in a long time.
"Andrew." He spoke in a warning tone. None the less, the suspected banker decided to speak.
"Want to know why the police were so quick to declare this a suicide?" My eyes shifted over to a certain sweating deputy, and my gut instinct told me that a pair of a pair of eyes, that belong exclusively to the McHale family, were now trained on the same target as me.
"Of course."
"I bribed the Deputy!" the man was just a few degrees of insanity away from maniacal laughter.
Once the sound waves were let loose from his vocal cords, they went up and out of his mouth, traveled through the air, and hit our ears to form into words, Dave sprang into action. Cheri immediately attempted a tackled-hug, with the hug removed of course. She missed him by a fraction of a yard, about one third of a yard to be precise. Someone should think of a name for that. The reason for the inaccuracy was because the newly revealed accomplice, while still corrupt, had very good reflexes. He bounded away mere moments before the younger McHale crashed to the ground.
The elder McHale reached out for his soon-to-be-fired policeman, but ended up only grasping air. He would have stepped forward for the the extra length that would provide, but he most likely did not want to injure his only offspring.
I was blocked by a multitude of tables and chairs. Dave looked behind him and, from what I could tell, almost guffawed at us. All of a sudden, his vector values changed. His mass went from traveling in a mostly forward manner, to a combination of forward and downward. His new state of motion was a action that I, and most other people would refer to as falling. As his momentum was being involuntarily transferred, I hopped over the various obstacles and begun to make my way over to the falling man. As his face was about to hit the floor, he moved said face to look at the offending object. I could only imagine his visage as he realized that the object was not really and object at all, but rather a blonde kid. That blonde kid, quite frankly, looked rather bored.
Nazo's leg, the same leg used to trip up the hapless deputy, crashed into the mans face with the force and skill of a trained kick boxer. Bones broke and cartilage was sent flying, attesting to the strength of the kick.
I pounced on the man, preventing him from standing up. Mr. McHale cuffed him and begun to read him the rights that Dave already had memorized. I walked over to the banker, who was currently inching his way out of the bakery. I held my hand out, and I wasn't surprised by the handcuffs that were pressed in my hand by a recently arisen Cheri. As I cuffed Mr. Killmeyer, my Watson began to read him his rights.
Naturally he decided to interrupt her.
"I-i get a reduction of my sentence right?"
"Of course." I looked over to my partner. "What's a life sentence minus a year?" A whimper arose from my captive, as my rhetorical question went unanswered.
Once the police took the two fugitives away, their chief was about to leave as well, when he stopped in his tracks.
"Noah." he spoke clearly, yet for some reason.
"Yes sir?"
"Why did you involve yourself in this case?"
"I know the victim." I decided to leave out how close we were.
"I see..." for a few moments there was silence, before it was broken by me and my group walking past him. I spared him a glance while I spoke.
"I don't have a particular passion for letting murderers and their conspirators go away, so I decided to give you what assistance I could." Our eye contact broke as I turned my head forward. I started to walk forward, while being closely flanked by my allies; who didn't even look at the chief. "As for your unasked question concerning my loyalty, I am who I am, and nothing more."
And that was that. The police and us parted and we went on our separate ways. Personally? Our agency went home, intent on getting an immense amount of sleep, mainly due to our awesomeness.

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