Saturday, October 15, 2011

Riddle 23

We were absolutely stunned by Nazo's recent development. However, a true Holmes knows how to get back on his feet when he is floored.
"What do you mean?" He turned his head so that he was looking directly at me.
"I know everything about this package. It was made in the mid west, some place like Colorado. The image is kind of blurry. Then it was shipped to a nearby store via a white truck with red lettering across the side and the truck kept making this really annoying this thudunk noise. The store was called Gigante or something like that. About two weeks ago a young glasses wearing girl." He pointed to Cheri. "You to be precise, bought this package. It then sat in the second from the bottom drawer in your fridge until you just recently decided to rip its organs out and eat them." His deadpan face mocked us, though it was mainly directed at her.

Nonetheless, the normal two-thirds of the group were amazed. I let out a breath before saying "Psychometry..."
"What?" asked the female half of the two thirds who were more normal. She then preceded to ask like a broken parrot "Whats Psychometry?"
"It is similar to past cognition, but instead of observing events or people, Psychometry deals exclusively with material objects." Blank stares were the only recognition I got, so I followed up with the layman's definition. "You can see the pasts of objects."
Finally I was rewarded with an 'Ah' from Cheri and a sarcastic 'Wonderful' from my super powered friend. Then, as if the whole fiasco never happened, Nazo picked up one of the packages freshly cooked organs, which for all he knew was once the package's heart, and took a bite of it.
Cheri looked at me, and I looked back at her. When we looked back he held up a thumb of satisfaction. Two mental shrugs later, all of us began the mass ingestion of the FAKE yet still delicious cookies which fit perfectly into our starving stomachs.
Our bellies filled, Nazo and I opted for a good nights sleep. As I stood up, a certain missus snaked her arm around my waist while at the same time pressing her rather sizable chest against me. She spoke breathlessly into my ear, yet still loud enough for the youngest member to hear us.
"You can go to sleep Nazo. I want to... celebrate with Noah here." Cue sigh from the child.
"Alright, but try to keep the all night sex marathons to a minimum kay?"
My master nodded, and with that Nazo walked up the stairs, giving off the intent on getting a sound and sexless night.
Cheri practically pushed me into the study, a study that I didn't even know existed. I was forced to lay down on the couch by the seductress. She then turned her back on me, and locked the only door in the room. Once she was facing me again, I crossed my arms around my head and grew a smirk across my visage.
"So, what do you want to know?" Cheri's disappointment was clear.
"Damn. I wanted to see how far you were going to go."
"Life is full of disappointments." Even I could tell that my smile was getting annoying, so I sat up and removed my hands from their position of behind my head. "Alright Watson, go ahead and shoot."
She asked in a machine-gun like manner. "How-did-you-possibly-forget-to-tell-me-about-the-will-he-left-behind-you-ass!"
"I didn't. That wasn't actually his will." I was looking down when I said this, and I could feel her fall down next to me.
"You didn't..." she repeated disbelievingly.
"I faked the will." I grimaced. "I know his handwriting well enough to mimic it to the degree of protection that even Sara would be fooled."
"But how did you know about the Robin overheard the banker?"
"It was the worlds most insane guess I suppose." I looked up at her eyes and just started staring into them. " I figured out that the banker was most likely killed Robin, and worked based on that. I must thank you for stalling, and nice idea eavesdropping on the police."
"I thought that you needed time to think, not that you were needed it for this ridiculous plan. I guess you are quite an amazing Holmes."
"Thank you. And the unexpected happens every day, just look at Nazo."
"True, did you see that kick?"
"Yeah..." A silence formed between the two of us, though it was a refreshing change because, for the first time in a long time, the silence was not awkward. We both yawned in unison, then grinned at each other. I lay back down, eyes closed. Cheri lay on top of me, and together we fell asleep, blissfully unaware of what was currently going on.
Unbeknownst to me, a certain Probi was on Cheri's laptop upstairs.
'Monkey see monkey do huh? You couldn't be more right Noah.'
He hacked into the police mainframe the same way Cheri did.
'I see it once, I remember it forever.'
Nazo smiled at the report.
'Case closed.'
He cracked his knuckles and opened up an internet browser. Nazo then begun to search.
For what? Nobody knows.
However the law of storytelling says it's probably nothing good.

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