Saturday, November 12, 2011

It's All in the Wrist: Background 02

The class was out. School was over, for the day at least. It was a Saturday, which usually meant fun nightly activities suitable for youngsters tonight and a needed day off tomorrow. That does not include Akio, who was quite busy moping as he put his shoes. Kiyoshi, who was most certainly not moping, was eternally confused by his reluctance to work, but it did not matter. That is just how things work, they would work tonight, and half of them would be miserable. Kiyoshi thought about asking him about his extreme dislike of working for the Sasaki, but that would break the silent code between them; no talking about the past. It didn’t matter though, Kiyoshi would go to work, and enjoy it, and Akio would go and be silently cursing everyone in sight, that was just how it worked, and tonight wouldn’t be different.

Up the nearby stairs, partially hidden behind the corner, was a girl’s face, and it is assumed that the rest of the girl was there as well. Inoue nibbled on her dark chocolate hair, a nervous habit that never went away despite the fact that her hair did not, in fact, taste like chocolate. As she consumed her own dead cells, she also was staring rather intensely at the two boys. This was not uncommon for any girl in the school to do this, and for the most part, Inoue hated it whenever she saw anyone doing it. Despite her hypocritical tendancies, there was a difference between her and a vast majority of the female population, and that was because the main focus of her attention was not the cheerful, tall, kind, lovable, nice, happy, nice, joyful, nice, short haired boy with the wonderful smile. No, instead it was his roommate, who was not nearly well received by the schoolgirls after the incident with that one girl who asked him out; it didn’t end well. But Inoue told herself didn’t care about that, because she knew Akio better and longer than anyone else in the entire world (not counting his parents obviously). Even though she had a lot of familiarity with the boy, recently, it became harder and harder to approach him. Most of it was Kiyoshi-kun, not that he was trying to keep them apart, but now that Akio had a male friend to hang out with, she was slowly becoming obsolete, and every time she were to spend some time with them, usually when walking to or from school, her classmates would accuse her of trying to closer to Kiyoshi-kun, so at times it was more trouble than it was worth.
Today would be different! She resolved to herself. Today will be the first day in weeks that she would walk home with Akio. All she had to do was go down the stairs-
Akio, still in a moping mood, had finished putting on his shoes and turned back to face Kiyoshi. That was when a body came flying/stumbling at him a high speeds. Using what little defense reflexes that he had, Akio tried to stop the body by attempting to catch it. However, a human body, even the body of a teenager, still ways over40 kilos, which is well enough to completely knock an unprepared boy off his feet.
“Oof!” Akio grunted as he was head-butted in the stomach and completely knocked his unprepared self to the ground. Fortunately, he made sure to actually catch the body and keep it safe during the fall. Unfortunately, he then shifted his hands to try to get a grip of the body. Since he didn’t really see, nor care, who this person was or what gender they were, he pushed the person off of him by their chest. A wise man would have felt something rather squishy, figure out the problem, and remove his hands before offending the person on top of him. An Akio would just grab and lift, and figure out the problem after wards. So he pushed the person on top of him off and to the side while sitting up.
“Kyah-” a brief, female scream was emitted from the body, before they cut themselves off when Akio looked over to them.
“…” said Akio, as his mind was processing.
“…” said Inoue, as she straightened herself up.
Akio looked down at Inoue’s arms, which was covering her breasts, then down at his hands, which were still in a cupping position.
Inoue stared at Akio with betrayal in her eyes. At least, she wanted it to be betrayal, but it was probably soiled by the tears welling up and the deep blush beginning to form. All said, she really feel didn’t know what was going on. Inoue remember going down the stairs. Then tripping. Then falling onto Akio. Then…
Akio opened his mouth, intent on apologizing to her, but Inoue abruptly stood up, spun on her heel, and sprinted away before he could utter a single syllable. Speechless, he turned to Kiyoshi, who was trying very hard to mask his laughter with a sympathetic smile, and doing a very good job at it, because he wasn’t even snickering. Akio knew though, he just knew that Kiyoshi was laughing on the inside, which is probably why he smacked him on the back of the head.
*Whack* “Stop laughing.” Akio commanded Kiyoshi, who turned his sympathetic stare into a sympathetic frown.
“I wasn’t laughing.”
“Yes you were, I know you well enough that behind that face, there is a demon laughing manically.” Akio accused. Kiyoshi then began to let out a small chuckle, which lacked the qualities of a solid maniacal laugh. “See! I told you!”
“I’m laughing at your accusations, not your misfortune.” Kiyoshi’s chuckle died down. “I must say though, I do feel sorry for her. The poor girl, trying to walk home with you, only to get molested. Such a shame.”
“I didn’t molest anyone!” Akio contradicted him, only to stop and look around. Everyone in the hallway was staring at the two of them, and it wasn’t like the creepy staring that the girls always did to Kiyoshi, because guys were in on this too. Then Akio began to realized to potential misunderstandings a conversation like this could have, and shut himself up. Kiyoshi grabbed him by the arm and pulled him out of the school building before he could accidentally molest anyone else.

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