Sunday, November 6, 2011

It's All in the Wrist Background 01

The pencil twirled around in his hand; manipulated by his skillful fingers in amazing ways. It was quicker than anyone else in the school who had a similar reflex to boredom, but with such a overly narrow superlative, that wasn’t anything difficult to comprehend, or indeed, difficult for the boy to do, as the pencil spun and swirled with an excited flair, without his eyes even on it. The excitation was not an extension of his mood, as he was quite bored with everything around him. His eyes showed it, as they slowly moved from target to target in the classroom, neither stopping nor slowing at any particular time. He observed many students taking notes, some prevalent to what the teacher was talking about, some not, and just as many students doing whatever they felt like doing. Like him.

The difficultly straining this boy was not the pencil turning in his hand, not the thought of homework or after school activities, nor was it the class work in front of him. No, it was both the boredom that plagued him, and the thoughts of things to come today. He knew what today meant for him. For he was Sasaki Akio, the only child of the owners of the Great Sasaki Theater, known for both having one of the most basic names in history, as well as being one of the only decent theaters in Shinjiku, being one of the best theaters in Japan (if you believe what the owners say), and being THE best theater in all the world (if you are drunk and/or and believe what the owners say). And considering his position as the child of the family, he was often called in to help out on one of the more busier days. Today was a Saturday, which automatically put it in the ‘busier days’ section. He just hoped that he would have some help.
A row up and three desks to the left of Akio sat another boy. He was bespectacled, though the glasses were small and unassuming, normally used for reading only. They did nothing to obscure his face, a fact that either didn’t bother the boy, or irritated him fully, depending on his mood. Not that one would ever be able to tell if he was angry. His face was a cheerful one, with a half smile usually plastered onto his face, and it rarely changed, even in sleep. He wasn’t twirling a pencil in his hands, but he was thinking about what would happen later that day. He is Kiyoshi, and the reason he doesn’t have a last name is that no one bothered learning his last name, as he always insisted by being referred to by his first name, no matter who it was. He was Kiyoshi-san to underclassman, Kiyoshi-kun to friends and admirers alike, and Kiyoshi to nobody except Akio. He was Akio’s best friend, and had been for a good four years now, ever since the beginning of middle school. Because of some… complicated issues with his family (in that he didn’t know them), he currently took up residence in the Great Sasaki Theater, at the insistence of Akio and his family. In exchange he worked there, and unlike Akio, he enjoyed it immensely. To him, it was an experience to be enjoyed, as not many others would have the privilege to live and work in a theater. His fingers, all covered with light scars, ran through his short hair as he let out a sigh of pleasure. Such an activity inadvertently got most of the girls in the room to swoon after him, which only affirmed his status as the most desirable boy in class.
Two rows back and one desk to the right sat a girl. She did not swoon over Kiyoshi-kun’s antics, as her attention was more focused on a different boy who sat a row in front and two desks to the right of her. She was young, which goes without saying, as she is a high school student. As female high school students go, she was not plain, but not overly pretty. Her face was not crafted by the one of the finest artisans in the world, but it was still nice to look upon. Her hair was long as was as brown as her eyes, a dark chocolate cascaded down her back, reaching below her shoulder blades. She, like two other people in the room, had a connection to the Great Sasaki Theater, but hers was more up and coming then the others. Her name was Inoue Chou, and she was a dancer. Unlike Kiyoshi-kun, she had been Akio’s friend far longer, so long, that she had reached the point that he could refer to her as a “Childhood Friend” without exaggerating in the slightest. Not that she was complaining about being called that, but she never could fully smile when he said that, instead resorting on a fake grin. He never noticed, but it didn’t matter to her. Well… it didn’t matter to her that much. Inoue still had a bit of resentment about that, and a bit more whenever anyone mentioned Kiyoshi-kun and Akio possibly being more than friends… which happened way too often that anyone of them was comfortable admitting. Her brown eyes glanced up at her long time friend, and lingered at little more than necessary.
A sigh escaped three lips at the same time, all of them unknowing to the increase in the interestingness of their life to soon to occur. 

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